The show must go on!

Hi there! Well it goes without saying that we haven’t been elected as an organization in this year’s GSoC initiative. Well, we will try again next year 😉 In the meantime, we have added some new features to Babelium Project’s code repository (note that we want to test that features internally before updating the official website with that commits)

  • Detection of multiple concurrent users editing the same video’s subtitles (changeset). Using Red5’s RemoteSharedObject feature, any user that asks to edit any video’s subtitles will be warned if Babelium detects that there is any other user editing the same subtitle group. It is up to the user to continue editing or not but at least he or she has been warned!
  • Allow multiple subtitle lines (changeset)
  • Added a link to home in Babelium’s logo (this one is currently applied in
  • Customized permalinks in this blog. Forget about the Now we have semantically rich permalink (look at the URL of this post) 🙂
  • Fixed issue #16: “My assessed responses” should show “Last assessment” date (in Evaluations module)

I plan to post a more detailed article about the first highlighted feature (Detection of multiple concurrent users editing the same video’s subtitles) in a few days. I’ll see you then!

Video Slicing module coming up soon!

We have been working during the last semester of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 on a new feature to be included in babeliumproject. It is none other but the video slicing module, with which the user will be able to search for their favourite language learning videos hosted in Youtube and by a simple “copy-paste” action, preview the video in our video player, slice up the most interesting part and upload it to babelium’s server.

This could not have been done without Youtube’s Chromeless Player API, the youtube-dl command for downloading temporarily the video, and ffmpeg command to slice up the video. Moreover, we also had to use Youtube’s php API for various aspects, being one of them the control of the video’s maximum duration as we currently do not accept videos longer than 2 mins.

But enough of explanations for now! Let us show you how it looks right now:

Granted that it is only a draft, we feel it is enough for getting a grasp of how it could look like. We are currently at the final stage of development, trying to have it integrated with our current video player, and will soon start running tests  on the module. Hopefully, it will be available during March’s last weeks or first part of April.

The idea is to make it work in a nearby future not only with Youtube, but also with Vimeo and Dailymotion. Hope you enjoyed this piece of news! See you soon!