Moodle plugin troubleshooting

Troubleshooting & technical support

These are some common errors you might find and how to go about them.

How to contact technical support

If you have other errors, or don’t know how to proceed, please don’t hesitate to contact us at, our user’s mailing list or twitter (@babelium), describing your problem. Please provide the following data in your message so that we can give you a better answer:

  • A copy of your babelium.log file (placed in the root of your Moodle site’s moodledata folder)
  • Version of your browser. You can usually find it in the Help or About areas (e.g. Mozilla Firefox 19.0.2)
  • Version of Flash Player Plugin. You can find it in the about:plugins section of your browser (e.g. Shockwave Flash 11.6 r602 PPAPI (out-of-process))
  • Moodle version. You can find it in <moodle_directory>/version.php (e.g. $release = '2.2.7+ (Build: 20130222)')
  • The Babelium Moodle plugin version. You can find it in <moodle_directory>/mod/assignment/type/babelium/version.php or
    (e.g.$plugin->release = '0.9.6 (Build: 2012090600)');
  • The Babelium username you used to register your Moodle site in the system

Common errors

Babelium Error 403. Wrong authorization credentials

  • Check the lenghts of the key-set you were given. The access key should be 20 characters long and the private access key should be 40 characters long. If the lengths are wrong please contact us to get a new set of keys.
  • Check the time of your server against a public time server. The timestamp of the requests to the Babelium server is checked to minimize request replication and we drop the requests that are too skewed. Different timezones are supported but you should be within a +/- 15 minute boundary relative to the actual time.
  • If your key-set and server time are correct, perhaps you have a problem with the domain of your moodle site. Please contact us so that we can analyze the problem.
  • If your server is behind a load balancer or reverse proxy that uses a different IP address from the one defined in the DNS records for your domain/subdomain you will need to contact us stating the actual request IP (when registering for an API key the IP address is retrieved from the DNS record of the specified domain).

Babelium Error 400. Malformed request error

  • If you are using your own Babelium server, take a look at the log file of ZendRestJson.php (by default it is placed in /tmp/moodle.log) to see if you have a permission issue in your Babelium filesystem.
  • If you are using please contact us stating your problem, we might have some kind of issue in our own server.

Babelium Error 500. Internal server error

  • Very unlikely to occur. Could happen when the Babelium server uses an old version of PHP (< PHP 5.0)

How to completely uninstall Babelium plugins

This is useful when the plugin isn’t correctly installed. With these steps you can completely remove the Babelium plugin, in order to do a fresh installation.

Remove all the plugin files and folders (they should be in one of the following locations):

rm -r <moodle_home>/mod/assignment/type/babelium
rm -r <moodle_home>/filter/babelium

rm -r <moodle_home>/mod/assign/submission/babelium

Now, in your moodle database, check if there is a table called mdl_assignsubmission_babelium, if so, drop that table.

DROP TABLE mdl_assignsubmission_babelium;

Also check in the mdl_config_plugin table for any values related to babelium and delete them:

DELETE FROM mdl_config_plugin WHERE plugin='assignsubmission_babelium';

Clean the mdl_config table of any Babelium filter plugin values (if you installed the filter plugin):

DELETE FROM mdl_config WHERE name LIKE 'filter_babelium%';

If mdl_config has a row called textfilters (this row tells Moodle 1.9 which Filter plugins are enabled) remove that part of the field that belongs to Babelium (the enabled filters are comma-separated):

SELECT value FROM mdl_config WHERE name='textfilters' AND value LIKE '%babelium%';

If you are in Moodle 2.0-2.2 mdl_filter_active and mdl_filter_config tables might contain entries related to Babelium. If so delete them:

DELETE FROM mdl_filter_active WHERE filter LIKE '%babelium%';

DELETE FROM mdl_filter_config WHERE filter LIKE '%babelium%';

Let’s also clean any trace left in the mdl_upgrade_log:

DELETE FROM mdl_upgrade_log WHERE plugin='assignment_babelium' OR plugin='assignsubmission_babelium';

With that, we should have removed all the traces of the failed plugin install. Please refer to the previous sections to do a fresh install of your plugin.

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