Installing Moodle 1.9 plugins


Unzip the files and move the babelium folder to Moodle’s assignment type directory.

$ unzip babelium_moodle19_assignment_type_*.zip
$ mv babelium <moodle_directory>/mod/assignment/type

If you moved the folders to the right place, you should see some files listed here:

$ ls <moodle_directory>/mod/assignment/type/babelium

Next is providing the Moodle site registration data. There are two ways of doing this:

  • Rename or copy the babelium_config.php.template to babelium_config.php and fill the data with your Moodle site registration data.
    $ cp <moodle_directory>/mod/assignment/type/babelium/babelium_config.php.template <moodle_directory>/mod/assignment/type/babelium/babelium_config.php
    $ vi <moodle_directory>/mod/assignment/type/babelium/babelium_config.php
  • Install the Babelium filter plugin and fill the data later, using the provided UI menu in (Site Administration -> Modules -> Filter -> Manage Filters -> Babelium):
    $ unzip babelium_moodle19_filter_*.zip
    $ mv babelium <moodle_directory>/filter

    If you moved the folders to the right place, you should see some files listed here:

    $ ls <moodle_directory>/filter/babelium

NOTE: If you are using your own Babelium server see below for further clarification on how to enable Moodle site support on your Babelium server.


After you are done with the previous steps, log in with an admin account into your Moodle site. Moodle should automatically detect that a new plugin is being added and prompt you for actions to take. If this is not the case, browse to the following URL to force the plugin installation page to appear:


If you also installed the filter plugin, the filter settings page will automatically appear after the installation is done. Fill the settings with the information you got when registering your Moodle site in Babelium and click on Save changes. You can change the settings of the filter by visiting Site Administration -> Modules -> Filters -> Manage Filters -> Babelium using an admin account.

Finally, to test if everything works, pick a random course and add a new sample Babelium assignment choosing:

Add an activity... -> Assignments -> Babelium activity

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