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After the piloting phase and the surveys that took place in schools and language centres in France, Germany, Latvia and Spain, the Babelium team has now collected useful feedback for the implementation of a new environment in our online platform. As a result of the piloting we have developed a simpler and more user-friendly interface, divided into three sections: “Browse”, “My activity”, and “Create”.

Practice screen detail

In the “Browse” section the user can choose between 400 videos in English, French, German, and Spanish. Those videos are classified by difBrowsing exercisesficulty, exercise type and
communicative situation. Once the chosen video has been selected, the user can record him or herself using Babelium’s new graphic interface. All the descriptive details of the video can be seen on the right-hand side of the screen. Another improvement we have made is related to the audio recording. The platform is now able to automatically adjust the audio level in cases where a potentially bad configuration of the microphone settings has been used.

In “My activity”, the user can access his or her own recordings, as well as the related assessments. Assessments are divided into three sub-sections: “responses” to the user’s recordings; “assessments” made by the user to other users’ recordings; and, other users’ recordings that are “waiting for assessment”.Assessments of the user's workUser's activity page

The third space, “Create”, dedicated to the creation of videos, has also been re-designed and now consists of a three-step process:

  1. Label the exercise and add a description. The new interface allows the user to add rich text (bold, underline, italics, colours and external links) in a very simple way.Classify exercise
  2. Choose media origin from file or by recording from webcam. Our new version of the interface includes the choice of a thumbnail – that is a graphic picture which can be used as a description of the exercise.Add video/webcam media
  3. Add subtitles and publish the exercise.Subtitle the exercise

Furthermore, in the exercise creation section, a new option, called “add a model media”, has been added. In the surveys that were carried out we have discovered that learners found some of the exercises more difficult than others, and that they would have liked to be provided with an example, as a helpful reference, recorded by a native speaker of the correspondent language. We have named these examples as “models”. Now Babelium includes the option to add a model to each of the newly created exercises.

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