HTML5 audio recording

HTML5 Player prototype

We’ve been hard at work and we finally made it! We are now able to record audio from the browser without any plugins.

The image above is the prototype of the player we have been working on. On the right you can see the input level of the microphone. In the timeline there are several yellow gaps that tell us when to speak. When the user reaches a yellow gap, the original audio is muted and he/she must dub what the character was saying in that moment.

The audio is recorded in MP3 and sent in real time to our servers so that the user can later access it from anywhere.

On top of that, since no plugins are used, the prototype also works in handheld devices. But you must have a modern browser 😉

These are the compatible devices:

  • Apple devices (iPad, iPhone): iOS 7, Safari 6.1+
  • Android devices (tablets and smartphones): Chrome for Android 32+ or Firefox 25+
  • PC/Apple: Firefox 25+, Chrome 10+, Opera 15+

In general, the prototype is compatible with any browser that supports WebAudioAPI (click here to check if your browser is supported). Nonetheless, this is still a prototype and as such, there are many things to improve in order to bring the quality and stability we expect and to integrate it seamlessly into our current platform.

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