Activity report

Long time no see,

  lately, we have been busy spreading the word of Babelium attending two conferences:  “Jakintza Librearen III. Jardunaldiak“, organized by Azkue Fundazioa (a foundation that encourages innovative ways of supporting Basque/Euskera in the new technologies) it was held in Bilbao (May, 30) and we were delighted to take part in the event along with other Basque startups like Hermeneus,  Dirutza or Kulturize (Akting).

Our second invitation to talk came from Montehermoso (Vitoria-Gasteiz), a neat documentation center that promotes and disseminates art and contemporary art. Focussing on the free software philosophy, Montehermoso held a conference where different models for accessing and consuming knowledge were analysed.   We talked about the origin of Babelium, and how is it being used for second language speaking practice.

On the technical side, we have been working on tracing the origin of this audio related bug (3156305) in Adobe’s Flash Player 11.2:  “Audio only FLVs previously published from flash player no longer play back”.  It’s a major bug with regard to Babelium’s functionality, because it prevented to play audio only recordings! Thanks to the hard work of @inkoperurena , we could be able to pinpoint the origin of the bug (a change – with regard to previous versions – in the behaviour of Flash Player when the internal metadata value of a FLV video named videocodecid changed to -1 lead to being unable of playing it) and fix it.

Second, we have revamped the videoplayer’s design, so the size of the video canvas is now bigger than before (allowing a more comfortable reading of texts inside the video, a much needed feature for reading aloud activities, for example)

Third, they keywords of any video are now not only shown alongside each video, but they are also clickable, so a user can search any other video related to the actual one.

We keep working on new and exciting features that will be announced soon in this blog, so stay tuned!

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