New features

Just a quick post to inform you about our progress within Babelium project’s development.

* Now it’s possible to upload WMV (Windows Media Video) files as the source for new video-exercises

* When a new response is recorded using the Moodle plugin, the user can click directly a View Response button (previously, it was possible to review the response, but users had to click in the “Play” button, a less intuitive action)

And a bug, not due to our fault, but Adobe’s:

* We have been bitten by this bug in latest version of Flash plugin that makes audio-only FLVs published in Red5 no longer play back. Is there any workaround? Yes, a little bit inconvenient, nonetheless. You have to either upgrade your Flash plugin to a newer beta version 11.3 or downgrade it to 11.1 .

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