Releasing a Moodle Plugin for Babelium

We are excited to present you a new plugin for language speaking practice in Moodle.

This plugin allows students to record their voices and/or their faces (using their microphones and webcams) for:

    • developing a spoken story (free speech)
      See an example: speaking about how to save energy (in Basque!) (As you can see, it is possible to help your students using picture tips while they are speaking)

All these exercises must be previously prepared by the teacher and uploaded in in order to use them later in Moodle.

The Babelium plugin works with Moodle 1.9 and Moodle 2.x. You can install it by following the instructions: How to install the Babelium plugin.

UPDATE (2012/06/10): If you want to see it in action and test the plugin (as a teacher or as a student) before installing it, you can use our test server (thanks to RedHat’s OpenShift for their hosting facilities):

Moodle 2.x test server

Please, take into account that this test server could be reseted anytime, so use it only for testing purposes.

Questions and answers (FAQ)

* What kind of license applies to the Babelium plugin?
Babelium plugin’s source code is free software (GPLv3 license).
Download: Moodle 1.9 plugin v0.9.2 (zip)
Download: Moodle 2.x plugin v0.9.2 (zip)

* Where are my videos being recorded?
When you record an answer (both audio or video answer) it is saved in our own Babelium server (

This recording is a private video there (other users of website can’t see it). The exercise is only available to be assessed in the corresponding Moodle course by the corresponding teacher (in

* Can I record the videos using my own or private Babelium server?
Of course you can! Babelium server’s source code is also free software (GPLv3). You can download and install it in your own private server.

* Great! but I need help with the plugin and/or server installation.
We are here to support you. Please, ask your questions in Babelium user’s mailing list or contact us via Twitter (@babelium)

If you want detailed explanations about the installation of the Plugin, remember that you can follow these instructions.

If you want detailed explanations about the installation of your own Babelium Server, follow these other instructions.

* Can I contact some representatives from Babelium directly?
Yes, you can. If you want to contact our support services directly, email us at

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