EdMedia 2011 conference

Hello everyone,

Babelium Team here, reporting from the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.

These days we have been at the EdMedia 2011 conference presenting our latest improvements for the Babelium platform and attending to several interesting lectures about educational innovation.

The conference went really well, the audience was great and they seemed to be delighted with Babelium and the possibilities of the tools we’ve recently developed. They also asked several questions that left us with a good taste in the mouth and made us think that we are working in the right direction.

In the past months a group of teachers and students have been testing Babelium and using it as their main platform/way for oral practice for the English subject. Afterwards, we asked them about their experience with the platform and about the things they would like us to improve.

Although almost all the feedback was more than positive some teachers and students told us that they missed having a tool to easily produce videos that can be later used as exercises or oral tests in the platform. The keyword they used was easy, they told us they don’t know much about computers and therefore don’t know how to use a professional video editing tool such as Adobe After Effects (or it’s open source alternative OpenShot).

We’ve used all this feedback to compose an article in which we try to give a solution to these problems via a series of tools that are easy to use for any kind of user, be he/she an expert in computers or not. We will publish this work shortly but in the meantime, you can watch this video presentation and read the related article that we have presented in EdMedia.

Aside from the conference we visited some of the most beautiful spots of the city (which was cool), ate some of the best typical portuguese food (which was great) and drank some of the finest portuguese wine vinho verde (which was awesome).

All in all it has been a wonderful experience, and we all wish we could stay a little longer here to visit some coastside towns and discover more architectural treasures.

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