Open sourcing the Babelium’s source code

After more than 1 year and half we already have a working version of Babelium’s source code. Nowadays it’s in use in (there are some rough edges that need to be fixed, though).

We have been using a Subversion VCS server, but we have also suffered the pain of branching and merging  in SVN so we decided to grab the bull by the horns and start to use a DVCS like Mercurial. Why Mercurial and not Git? Well, there is a lot of documentation about this two beasts, both good and bad, depending on the teller.  But Google Project Code Hosting is using Mercurial, so there we go.

Until today, we have been using the excellent service. It has a freemium model for project hosting. One of the services under the pay-wall is precisely the DVCS support. There are also some other annoyances (being lack of an API and lack of integration with Eclipse/Mylyn two of the biggest). But as I’ve said, it’s a great website if you want to stop kicking the tires and get the ball rolling for free! Their active support via Twitter (@xpdev) is also excellent. Kudos to them!

Now we are struggling to get the conversion from SVN to HG right. Hope to finish this task tomorrow. We’ll keep you informed!

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